Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Computing Facility

This Department has computer Laboratories with best facilities in terms of Hardware & Software, where students are given excellent exposure and training to imporve their software skills. In addition to the lab works as per curriculum, the students are allowed to carry out many innovative projects with real life usability. Extensive training is imparted using the best teaching methodologies, imbibing intuitions for venturing our students as world class Computer Professionals.


Various laboratories of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering are listed below.

  • C++ Lab,
  • Database Management Systems Lab
  • DSD Lab
  • Operating system Lab
  • FCPC Lab
  • Network Programming Lab
  • IF lab
  • Intelligent System Lab
  • Advanced Java Lab
  • Multimedia Technologies Lab
  • KTSE Lab
  • OSD Lab
  • WDCJ lab

Other Facilities

The Department has a Well furnished Seminar Room with LCD & over head projector.